Who We Are

Our Mission.

Share Your Love Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating and helping parents realize the significant importance of a nurturing, caring and loving home environment that provides their children a place to flourish and grow as individuals and members of society. The workshops, programs, tools and resources we provide teach parents that their love and support for their children’s well-being and emotional stability can help children reach their fullest potential in life.

Our History.

Share Your Love Foundation was started by a group of women in Boston, Massachusetts who believed in the value of giving back to communities. Our initial project was to collect clothes to donate to low-income families in Brazil and Massachusetts but has expanded to also provide families the education they need to understand the importance of emotional intelligence and awareness. We also organize fundraising events throughout the year to continue to raise money so we can help these families in need.

Expanding our Vision.

We realized that by implementing a comprehensive educational curriculum to help families, in addition to material supplies, our impact could change generations in Brazil and the U.S. We also included in our educational efforts the Brazilian families living in Massachusetts who often have limited access to information in their native language, Portuguese. We believe that all families deserve to learn how to develop and incorporate essential nurturing skills in their daily routines and children have the right to develop and grow their emotional intelligence skills. 


Around 39 million people live below the poverty line in Brazil. Thirty-eight percent of them live with less than $22 per month. These parents are less emotionally responsive due to many stresses they face in order to provide the basics for their families, and as a result of living in more violent communities. Consequently, children in these families struggle to learn in school. They have limitations in their ability to cope with stress and may develop depression. Share Love Foundation addresses the need for social-emotional education, provides help with food, and daily meals for 80 students living in one of the poorest region of Brazil, Vale do Jequitinhonha.

Our Impact.



Debora Guimaraes, M.S.W., L.I.C.S.W.

Mara Gomes
Vice President

Dalva Silva

Cimara Cavalcanti
Fundraising Committee

Marta Louzda


Financial Accountability.

We are an organization that you can trust. Every dollar donated goes directly to programs that support families in Brazil and in the U.S. At Share Your Love Foundation, we strive to be financially accountable to our donors and the communities we serve. Check out our annual reports below!


 Annual Report 2014

 Annual Report 2015